Level365 Mobile Connect for Android User Guide

This guide will assist you in setting up and using Level365 Mobile Connect on the Android platform. To get started, download the Level365 Mobile Connect app from the Play Store. You can find the app by searching "Level365" or by clicking here.

After downloading and installing Level365 Mobile Connect from the Google Play store, you are presented with the login page. This login name and password will be the same credentials you would use to log into the Portal.  If you are unsure of your credentials, please see the Forgot Login Name or Forgot Password articles.


Contacts and Placing Calls

Once logged in, you will be presented with a list of the users that are members of your domain. From this page you also have the option to check Voicemail, send messages, view call history, and to place calls by utilizing the bottom navigation bar.

To place a call, click on a contact and click the phone icon. You can also dial external numbers by pressing the dialpad on the bottom-right.


The Voicemail option will include all Voicemails currently in your inbox.

You can manipulate Voicemails by tapping the desired Voicemail.

  1. Calls the number shown on caller ID back.
  2. Forwards Voicemail to another user.
  3. Sends Voicemail to the Saved folder.
  4. Opens the information panel, which contains date and time received as well as the options in this list.
  5. Sends Voicemail to the Trash folder, which is emptied daily.

Chat and SMS

Chat and SMS is also available using the Mobile Connect app. SMS must be provisioned by Level365 prior to use, while chat to other accounts is available immediately upon installing. To have SMS provisioned, please contact Support.

Click the chat bubble to open the new conversation interface.

From here you can search for users in your organization to chat with, or if SMS is provisioned, type a number to send a text to.

Call History

Here is an example of what to expect from the call history option.

Tapping the call history entry will call the number back directly. Tapping the information icon on the right will display additional information about the call.

Additional Options

Tapping the three horizontal lines icon on the bottom-right will bring up the options menu. From here you can adjust Answering Rules, Greetings, App Settings and log out of the application.

The Answering Rules section allows you to change the order of your Answering Rules by long pressing and dragging up or down.

You can add a new Voicemail greeting by tapping the "+" sign in the upper-right corner. Enter a name and press the record button to start recording.

To activate or delete a greeting, tap it from the top level Greetings menu and select Activate or Delete.


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