Inbound Call Blocking

Office Manager role is required to complete the following steps.

There may be times when you would like to block unwanted callers from reaching your number.  The call block/allow feature located in the Level365 UC Portal gives you the ability to add numbers to your account, which when once added, will give callers a busy signal when trying to reach your telephone number.

Login to the Level365 UC Portal with your credentials.

Phone numbers are assigned to users and you make changes to answering rules for that phone number within the user that the number is associated with.

We will first locate the number that is being called by the number you would like to block to determine which user the number is assigned to. Select the Inventory box in the top section

For this example, we will be using (317) 810-8000 as the number that is being called by the number we would ike to block.

Destination is the user where the phone number being called rings to.  In this example, (317) 810-8000 rings into user 300 (Main Call Queue).  We will now move to the Users section.

Make sure "Hide System Users" is unchecked if Destination is a queue.

  1. Select the Users box in the top section and then...
  2. Select the Name of the User.  In this example, it is "Main Call Queue".
  1. Select Answering Rules
  1. From the Answering Rules page, click Allow/Block.
    • The Allow/Block page appears. This page has two lists, one for allowed phone numbers (on the left) and another for blocked phone numbers (on the right).
  1. To block phone numbers, perform the following steps under BLOCKED NUMBERS:
    • Click in the Enter a number field.
    • Enter the number you want to block.
    • Click the + button. The number appears in the BLOCKED NUMBERS list and a brief message tells you the blocked number was added.
    • To add more numbers, repeat step 3.
    • To remove a number, click the X button next to that number.
  2. To block anonymous calls and calls from unknown numbers, check Block anonymous or unknown.
  3. When you are finished, click Done.
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