How to Convert Legacy 911 to Enhanced 911

This article will provide steps to convert existing Legacy 911 to Enhanced 911.

1. Create Emergency Endpoints

Creating the Emergency Endpoint will automatically create the Emergency Addresses. Click Add Endpoint to begin the process.

  1. Enter 10 Digit Number that is being used from Legacy 911
  2. Add a new address
  3. Add a name to identify address
  4. Match your Caller ID Name
  5. Enter address in Line 1 and 2
  6. Select Country
  7. Select State
  8. Enter City
  9. Enter ZIP Code
  10. Click Validate (ensure address is found, if not, contact Level365 for assistance)
  11. Click Save

If you have already created Emergency Addresses you will see them listed in Billing Address drop down box to select from for your Endpoints.

2. Update Domain Emergency Address

To update the Domain Emergency Address follow these steps:

  1. As an Office Manager scope or above, navigate to the domain you want to edit.
  2. Click on Edit Domain on the top blue menu bar, bringing up the Edit Domain modal.
  3. Navigate to the Emergency tab:
  4. Select the new Emergency Address from drop down
  5. Verify Address is correct
  6. Click Save

How does this effect existing users?

Any users that do not already have an Emergency Address selected will have the value defaulted to this new value.

3. Deprovision Legacy 911 Number

Now that you have created an Emergency Endpoint and Address we can Deprovision Legacy 911

  1. Click the X to Deprovision
  2. Click Yes
  3. If there are still users configured with this number you will need to change them to the new 10 digit number instead of their current 11 digit number.

If all users have been updated to the new 10 digit number, this Legacy 911 number will disappear from Emergency Numbers (Legacy)

4. Verify Emergency Number

Next we will verify Emergency Number has been updated for all. Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Users tab
  2. Click on Table Settings
  3. Check box for Emergency Caller ID
  1. As shown in the box below, we have 4 users with the new 10 digit emergency number and 1 still on the old 11 digit. We will need to select that user and update their Emergency Caller ID.

Pop-Up Prompt

This first occurrence of this pop-up will be their first login after an emergency address/endpoint is configured. It will prompt them to either set a unique emergency location or confirm that the domain default is appropriate.

This pop-up will occur when a user logs into the portal from a different IP address that is different from their last login.

Clicking Do Not Show Again is a cookie/cache based action. It will stop the pop-up from occurring until the client uses a different web browser or clears their cookies/cache to allow the pop-up to happen again. Level365 cannot manually trigger the pop-up to happen if the user selected Do Not Show Again.

1.2 Create Site Emergency Addresses

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