Enhanced 911 Pop-Up Prompt

This article introduces the new Enhanced 911 pop-up. The address configured via this pop-up, is what will be sent to emergency services if a 911 call is placed by the end user. This feature is useful for end users that change locations frequently by allowing them to set their own 911 location.


Pop-Up Prompt

This first occurrence of this pop-up will be their first login after an emergency address/endpoint is configured. It will prompt them to either set a unique emergency location or confirm the assigned default is appropriate.

This pop-up will also occur when a user logs into the portal from an IP address that is different from their last login.

Clicking Do Not Show Again is a cookie/cache based action. It will stop the pop-up from occurring until the client uses a different web browser or clears their cookies/cache to allow the pop-up to happen again. Level365 cannot manually trigger the pop-up to happen if a user selected Do Not Show Again.


By default the domain address will display unless you change it. Clicking Set address will allow you to update your address to your current location.


You can choose to create a new address, select an existing Domain Address, or choose any personal addresses you have already created.

Selecting an address will show you the full address so you can choose the correct one for your current location.


How to Create a New Address

  1. Fill in the full address details as shown in the example below
    • The Location field can help identify specific building information, such as door #, floor, etc.
  2. Click Validate
    • The address may change to correct Avenue to Ave, full Zip Code and others.
  3. Click Save


After validating, the address will look similar to the below.




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