How to Configure Emergency Notifications

When a call is placed to 911 or 933 from any registered Level365 device, notifications can be sent out to devices and email addresses. This article will help you set up Emergency Notifications for the Domain and Sites. You can choose to receive an automated phone call, email, or a combination of both types of notifications.

This guide is for Level365 Resellers.

The primary purpose of these notifications is to alert on site personnel so they can guide first responders to the 911 caller's location.

Offnet numbers cannot be added to Phone Call Notifications.


Example of Notifications

  • Phone Call: The person(s) set to receive a phone call notification will get an automated phone call at the same time a device dials 911 or 933. The caller ID number of the call will be the same number that the caller has set. There is no caller ID name presented to distinguish the call. When you answer the call, you will hear a message:
    • There is a 911 call originated by John Smith.


  • Email: example email that is sent out.

Be sure that emails from are not being blocked. Other Level365 services use this email address.


Domain Notifications

Notifications at the Domain level will be sent for any emergency call from any device within the entire organization.

  • Notify Via Phone Call (select 1 or more Level365 devices)
  • Notify Via Email (enter up to 5 email addresses)

Phone Call Notifications will route to the extension's answering rules and follow the active rule. If the phone is forwarded it will route to the forwarded number.

Email Notifications you must click out of the box after typing in the full email address for the email address to be added. The email must be highlighted in blue before clicking Save.


Site Notifications

Unlike Domain level notifications that go out when any device within the entire organization calls 911, Site level notifications are designed to provide a notification ONLY when a call to 911 or 933 at that specific site has occurred.

First, navigate to Sites by clicking on Users > Sites > Click on the site Name you wish to edit.



  • Notify Via Phone Call (select 1 or more Level365 devices)
  • Notify Via Email (enter up to 5 email addresses)




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