Call Parking with ***

Call Parking is a feature that allows a caller to be put on hold and any phone in your office can then retrieve this hold call.  When a call is parked, the caller will hear your company's hold music.  To adjust your company's hold music, please refer to this knowledge base article: Customizing Hold Music.  

To place a call on Park, with the caller on the line, press the asterisk button 3 times "***".  This parked call will ring back to the phone that placed it on park after a predetermined amount of time.  We generally set this time at 4 minutes but it can be adjusted to any duration you would like.


When you press "***" to place a caller on park, the operator will tell you which 'parking lot' the call is in.  We can scale the number of 'parking lots' to match your business' call volume and/or number of employees.


To retrieve a call on park you must first know which parking lot the call was placed in. The default system parking lots are labeled as extensions 700 through 709.  Once you press *** the operator will tell you which parking lot the call is in, for instance, "The call is parked at Seven Zero Zero".  Now you know to retrieve this particular caller, you must dial "700" then send or dial to pick this call up.

If you were to park a 2nd or 3rd call while the first call was parked on 700, these calls would go into 701, then 702 respectively.  Always listen to the operator to let you know exactly which parking lot your caller was placed in.

Depending on what model of phone you have and the available line appearances, we can add BLF's (Busy Lamp Fields) on your phone and these will light up when you place a call on park. You can then retrieve these parked calls by pressing the appropriate BLF line key.



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