Accessing Voicemail Through


Please surf to

Please login with the credentials provided to you by Level365 support.

Here on your home page, you can see your new messages and you can see your recent call history.

You will also see a red number on the messages icon, indicating new messages that have not been listened to yet. 

To listen to your new messages you can either click on the Messages icon, or click on the play button, right from your home page:


You will also notice a bank of symbols to the right of your voice messages:

These symbols or allow you to perform certain actions with your voice messages.

This button  allows you to forward the selected voice message to another extension's voice mailbox.

With this button  you can download the file to your computer.

When you click the transcription button, it will display the text transcription of the voice mail message

This button  allows you to save the message to your 'saved messages' folder.

And finally, the red X icon  allows you to delete the message.

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