VoIP Voicemail Instructions

Voicemail Instructions

 Accessing Voicemail

  • Via Phone
    • Hit MESSAGES button on your phone.
    • Via Outside Call
      • Dial private line number or dial extension to enter into your voicemail.  Hit “*” when voicemail messages starts to play to be prompted for your password.    
    • Via Email
      • You will receive your voicemail messages as email.  This allows you to listen to voicemails from your computer.  Just click on the attachment to listen to the message.   Please note that deleting the email does not delete the message from the voice message box on your phone. 

Initial Setup

    • Your temporary password is set as “1234”, which should be changed during your initial setup.
    • Enter “0” for Mailbox options to record your greetings, name, and assign a new password. 
      • Record your unavailable message Option 1
      • Record your busy message Option 2 (this rarely/never will play for the caller, but still record)
      • Record your name.  Option 3.  This is for the company directory
      • Change your password Option 5

Using Voicemail

    • Once in voicemail, your options are:
      • Option 1 - Listen to Messages
      • Option 2 - Change Folders
      • Options 3 - Advanced Options
      • Option 0 - Message Options (Record Messages, Change Password, etc)
    • Listening to Messages
      • Each message is considered a new message until you listen to the message and then is stored in the old message folders.  
      • Menu Options for Listening to Messages
        • Option 1
          • Skip passed time/date and phone number announcement before message start  or
          • Repeat message from start once the message has begun playing
        • Option 2 – Change message folder (new, old, work, or family)
        • Option 3 – Advanced Options
        • Option 4 – Return to first message
        • Option 5 – Repeat Message
        • Option 6 – Skip to next message
        • Option 7 – Delete
        • Option 9 – Save
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