VoIP Conference Calls

Conferencing Calls

  • Conferencing Calls with Two Active Calls
    • If you have two simultaneous calls on your phone (one currently on hold), you can conference the two calls together by hitting the JOIN button on the phone.  This button is accessed by hitting more on the soft keys on the bottom of the phone display.
  • Conferencing Calls with One Active Call and calling 3rdparty
    • If you have an active call and you need to call a third party into the call, hit the CONFRNC soft key on the phone.  This will place your existing call on hold.
    • Dial the desired number or internal extension number that you wish to conference, which creates a private call with you and the number dialed.
    • To bring the two calls together, just hit the CONFRNC button, which conference the two calls together.
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