VoIP Placing Call

Placing Calls

  • You can initiate a new call in two separate methods
    • Pick up the handset or Hit the speakerphone button
      • This gives you an active dial tone to make an active phone
      • If you are dialing a 4-digit extension the call will automatically dial after 4 digits
      • If you are a making an outside call, you must dial 9 before any number or the phone will recognize the call as an internal extension call
    • Dialing the number and hit Dial to initiate the call
      • You can dial a number on the phone before you initiating the call.
      • Dial the desired external number or internal extension number. This does not require a 9 in front of the external number, but it is a good habit to always put a 9 in front of any external number that you are dialing. 
      • Once you dial the number on the phone, you can initiate the call by picking up the handset or by hitting DIAL button on the phone, which will activate the phone over the speakerphone. 
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