VoIP Parking Phone Calls

Parking Phone Calls

  • This feature is used to put a caller on hold for up to 90 seconds from another phone by dialing a specific number assigned when the call is parked.  90 seconds is the default time setting for hold time, which can be adjusted.  
  • Putting Call into Park
    • With an active call, dial #2 to put the call into park. 
    • This will put the call on hold and announce the park position of the phone call.  The park position will go in order from 1 – 9 with the numbers of calls parked
    • If the call is not answered within the 90 seconds, the call will ring back to original requesting phone
  • Answering a Call from Park
    • To answer a call from park you need to dial *225 + the call position.  For example, if a call is parked in position 2, you will dial *2252 to pick up that call
      • *2251 to Pick Call on POSITION 1 (Park 1)
      • *2252 to Pick Call on POSITION 2 (Park 2)
      • *2253 to Pick Call on POSITION 3 (Park 3)
      • *2254 to Pick Call on POSITION 4 (Park 4)


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