Adding New Contact to Directory on Polycom Phones

Polycom has the ability to add a contact directory for speed dials.   To add a user follow the directions below

  1. Click DIRECTORIES button on the Polycom phone
  2. Choose option 1 for CONTACT DIRECTORY
  3. Choose ADD to add a new directory user
  4. Enter a name for the new entry using the key pad.  You do not need to enter both a first name and last name if you don't want to.
  5. CONTACT is the the phone number or extension of the contact that you are adding.  If the contact is an internal contact, you can enter in their extension number.  If the contact is an external phone, you can enter in their outside phone number
  6. Click Save to save this information

The contacts will show up on the phone screen based on the order that you enter them on the phone.  Different Polycoms have different numbers of available keys to add these users.   Polycom IP 501 = 2 extra buttons, Polycom IP 550 = 3 extra buttons, Polyocm IP601 = 6 extra buttons, Polycom IP 650 = 5 extra buttons (this can be expanded up to 54 using a Polycom sidecar).  If the contact does not show up on your phone because you have already used the allotted number of buttons, you can easily access these contacts by using the UP arrow on the phone in the top right corner of your Polycom phone.


If you have any questions, please contact Level365 support at or 317-810-0024.

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