Changing Ring Tone on Incoming External Calls

Changing the ring tone on incoming external calls is accomplished by changing the CallerID text on the incoming call and then adding a contact to the directory on each individual phone.

  1. Changing CallerID Text on Incoming Calls
    1. You must first setup an IVR that will change the CallerID text
      1. Add New IVR
      2. Add New IVR Context
      3. Change the START option on the IVR to first "Alter CallerID Name with static value".    You must choose "REPLACE" in the action details and assigned a static name.  For example, you can set the name to "Main"
      4. You need to add a second rule to "Transfer call to extension number" and select the extension number of the ring group for your main line.  
      5. Make sure to click on GENERATE IVR to save your change


  1. Change main number to ring into the new IVR first which will change line one of the CallerID to "MAIN"
    1. The main number typically rings into a ring group.   That number needs to be changed to ring to the new IVR in order to label the CallerID


  1. Setup New Contact on Each Phone
    1. Click on MENU button on the Polycom phone
    2. Select FEATURES option
    3. Select CONTACT DIRECTORY option
    4. Select ADD or NEW ENTRY to input a new directory user
    5. First Name needs to be “Main”
    6. Last Name needs to be empty
    7. Contact needs to be the main office phone number (full 10 digits)
    8. Speed Dial Index will auto assign
    9. Leave LABEL blank
    10. Ring Type needs to be a number.   The current ring number is 2 so you need to input a number 3 – 12. 
    11. Click the left arrow key to be prompted to save on the IP330 models
    12. Click save on all other models.
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    Tom, Does this mean they will loose the incoming caller ID functionality?

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