Dropped Calls FAQ

Dropped Calls to Dead Audio

If after a call is established, you experience either one-way audio or dropping of audio in both directions, then this indicates that something has broken the audio stream. These issues can be caused from anything from the lack of adequate bandwidth to routing issues with the RTP protocol, which carries the voice. In many cases, problems with your outgoing voice dropping off can be due to insufficient bandwidth, especially if after maintaining the connection the audio comes back. Sometimes this can be best described by a "choppy sound" or periods of no audio.

If the incoming audio fails from the very beginning, then look at the following:

  • Double NAT translations, "SIP unfriendly NAT" (NAT that changes the SIP headers preventing the audio from setting up correctly) or other issues that complicate returning audio packets.
  • The phone itself.
  • The ATA device.

For Client Using Level365 Hosted VoIP Over Their Own Internet Connection

Establish the quality of your connection

  1. Browse to
  2. Allow the test to complete
  3. Take a screen shot or copy the results into a text document or Level365 Support ticket

The results of this test will give a rough estimate tell of how many calls you can have established at the same time. It will also provide feedback on latency over your network and ISP connection.

Enable QoS to prioritize VoIP traffic

For basic information about QoS (Quality of Service), please read Wikipedia's QoS article.  Every manufacturer of networking equipment implements QoS differently.  Please see the Admin Manual for your device(s) in order to configure QoS.

Identify a pattern to the dropped calls

  1. Track any calls that drop and try to determine if there is a pattern to the drops.  If every call disconnects within the first 30 seconds, for example, Level365 Support needs this information in order to quickly identify the issue.

Test your network hardware

  1. Test all switch ports where phones connect
  2. If dropped calls are only happening on one phone, try moving the data cable to another port that is open or is known to work
  3. Bring in a wiring consultant or Level365 to test the wiring in your office if the problem only occurs on a few select phones
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