Pre-Setup for Voicemail Recording Instructions(4psa)

In some instances, where Internet access is not available or other issues when a port might have to proceed  and installation is delayed, Level 365 may have setup a temporary phone number and greeting for individual users to be able to pre-record their voicemail greeting before the phone number cutover.  Each user needs to follow the instructions below to record their voicemail greeting.  Note: This is only for the situations listed above.  Typically, this will be done via the handset of the user.
  • Call Into Temporary Phone Number Assigned to Your Account (This will be provided by your provisioning team)
  • You will be prompted to dial your extension number to enter voicemail.  Please keep in mind that everyone has a new four digit extension number that is a "1" added to their existing three digit extension.   For example, extension 104 will now be extension 1104.  We have attached a list of the new extension to help as well
  • Once you dial your extension number, you will hear the default voicemail greeting.  Press * to be prompted for your voicemail password.  The temporary password is 1234 for each voicemail
  • Once into the voicemail system, press 0 for mailbox options
  • Once into the mailbox option, each user will need to record or change the following options
    • Press 1 to record your unavailable message.  This is your primary message that will play
    • Press 2 to record your busy message.  This message will play if your phone is on do not disturb
    • Press 3 to record your name.  Please record just your name.  This message is used if someone uses the dial by name directory
    • Press 5 to change your password.  We highly recommending changing your password.   The password must be 1 - 5 numbers
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