Letter of Agency (LOA)

Your telephone service cannot legally be switched from your existing authorized telephone company to one of Level365 carrier partners unless we verify the switch by following method:

  • provides and obtains your signature on a letter that indicates, in writing, that you want to switch authorized telephone companies;

We do this with a Letter of Agency (LOA).

Letter of Agency: Any written or electronic LOA used to confirm a an order must include: (1) your billing name and address; (2) each telephone number to be switched; (3) a statement that you intend to change from your current authorized telephone company to Level365; (4) a statement that you designate Level365 to act as the agent for this change; and (5) a statement that you understand that there may be a charge for this change. To the extent that a jurisdiction allows the selection of additional authorized telephone companies for local, local toll, or long distance calls, the LOA must contain separate statements regarding those choices, although a separate LOA for each choice is not necessary.

We have included all of the necessary verbiage and fields required in our LOA form. 




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