Syncing BlackBerry with Hosted Exchange - Sync Contacts and Calendar

In order to wirelessly sync contacts and calendars with Microsoft Exchange, RIM requires a Blackberry enterprise server (BES).  Our hosted  Exchange currently does not support BES and in order to get your email from our service, you need to us RIM's Blackberry internet service (BIS).  See more about the difference here. When using BIS, in order to sync your contacts and calendar, you must connect you Blackberry to your computer and sync with the RIM provided Blackberry desktop application.  RIM charges additionally for BES licensing and some carriers also charge additionally for "enterprise" or BES access.  For example, on Sprint's Everything plan for $99/mo. to have BES support enabled, it is an additional $20/mo.  With carrier and RIM BES fee's, you will pay an additional $24.00 per month over your 24 month service agreement with your mobile carrier.

Another option we recommend to users of our hosted Exchange is a third-party software application that installs on your Blackberry, called AstraSync.  It gives wireless sync of contacts and calendars while still using BIS.  We have tested it and it works very well.  It was tested on the ATT wireless network and we can't guarantee it will work with every carrier.  AstraSync offers a 7-day trial and we suggest you download and test to insure compatibility with your phone and carrier.  We like the native email client built into the Blackberry OS and Astrasync installs its own client, so we suggest you disable the AstraSync mail client, which you can do during install and setup.  The calendar and contacts syncing work with the native blackberry applications.

Here is a good review of AstraSync.

Get AstraSync here.

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