How to apply a time frame

To see how to create a time frame, please This Article


This article will demonstrate how to apply a time frame to your call flow.


Let's say you want to have your main line call flow act differently after hours than it does between 8am to 5pm.


First we created a Days of the week and times time frame called Business Hours that encompasses the hours between 8am to 5pm.  Please see This Article for an explanation on how to do this.

Next we need to apply this time frame to our call flow.


Lets say your main number(s) are loaded into a Hunt Group or Call Queue that rings several members of your company, if they don't answer or are on another call, the call then goes into your Auto Attendant where your customers can choose a menu option.

This scenario is great for during business hours but after hours you don't want your customers to have to wait the 25 seconds the phones will ring before the call hits the Auto Attendant, you want the call to go straight to the Auto Attendant.


 First log into as an Office Manager.  (Please contact Level365 support if you need your credentials elevated.)


Now Click on Manage Organization at the top right.

 Now make sure that Hide System Users is unchecked at the bottom right


Now select user of your main ring group/call queue, in this case it is extension 800.  Now select Answering Rules

From this screenshot you can see that, according to the default time frame which is in play 24 hours a day, all calls to our main number will first ring the Call Queue - 800 (Main CRG), then after 25 seconds, it will forward unanswered calls to the Auto Attendant, which is at extension 200 in our example:


 Now let us direct our call flow to go directly to the Auto Attendant outside of Business Hours, which we have established as 8am to 5pm.

Now in this screen cap, we have applied the Business Hours time frame so any call that is received on your main number(s) outside of 8am to 5pm will be directed to the Auto Attendant.


You can tell that the Business Hours Time Frame is in play or live because of the blue highlighted ACTIVE.  Once 5:01 pm occurs(up until 7:59AM), the default Time Frame will become live and you will see the blue highlighted ACTIVE next to Default Time Frame

To do this we first edited the Default Time Frame to forward always to the Auto Attendant Since this will now represent our After Hours going forward.

Then we added an answering rule and selected the Business Hours Time Frame that we created from the drop down menu:

 Since this will be the call flow for business hours, I have set Call Forwarding Always to ring the main Call Queue -800(Main CRG), then after 25 seconds set Call Forwarding When Unanswered to go to the Auto Attendant (200).


Each extension or user has a default time frame built into it. The default time frame represents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  By creating a Business Hours time frame, we are carving out our 8-5 work day from the default time frame and directing call flow accordingly.

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