Creating a Time Frame

Using time frames, you can tell the system about the times when your office is open, closed, or celebrating a holiday.

Time frames do not go into effect until you apply a time frame to an answering rule or auto attendant greeting. When the time frames are applied, the first matching time frame becomes active.

When you create a new time frame, you assign a unique name to it and then specify one of the following times associated with the time frame:

  • Always = time frame applies to all hours of every day (24/7/365).
  • Days of the week and times = commonly used to define office open hours such as Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm. Each day has its own check box. Check the days to which the time frame will be applied, and then use slide bars to define the time ranges for each checked day.
  • Specific dates or range = commonly used to define holidays or other special events such as New Year’s or a training closure. Use pop-up calendars to select the To and From dates when the time range will apply.

To add a Timeframe, click the Add Time Frame button.

Editing Time Frames

There might be times when you need to edit time frames. For example, you might want to change when they occur.

  1. From the Time Frames page, either:
  • Click a name

  • Hover over a name, and then click the icon at the far right of the Time Frames page. For example:

Click the green plus sign to add more holiday dates if you chose a Specific Dates Time frame. Click save when you have finished.

 When you check mark a day, a blue control bar covers the times 9AM to 5PM. Drag this control bar to change the time according to your requirements. Click the green plus sign to add more time ranges for a day.  Click save when you have finished.


Each extension or user has a default time frame built into it. The default time frame represents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  By creating a Business Hours time frame, we are carving out our 8-5 work day from this 24 hour default time frame and directing call flow accordingly.

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