Forwarding your extension using

This article will show you how to forward your extension to another number using


If you would like to learn how to forward your extension from your phone, please This Article

First login using the credentials provided to you by Level365 support.

Now click on the Icon at the top that says Answering Rules:

Now click on the "Edit" icon to the right of your Default Active Time Frame:

Now you will see the "Edit Answering Rule" screen that looks like this:


Just put a check mark in "Call Forwarding Always" and then type in your cell number (or extension number) where you see 3175551234.  Then press the blue save button.  Now when you call your extension or DID it will transfer the call to this number or extension.



If you are a member of a Call Queue or Hunt Group, any calls to the Call Queue or Hunt Group will not be forwarded using this method.  Please contact support if you would like these calls forwarded.


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