How to Connect your Fax ATA

This article will demonstrate how to connect your fax ATA to your fax machine to send and receive faxes through Level365.

Level365 will configure the Fax ATA for you. You will only need to connect the ATA using the below steps.

 PLEASE NOTE: Fax ATA's cannot be used to make telephone calls

Back of a Fax ATA

  1. WAN Port: Connect an ethernet cable to the WAN port and the other end to a live network connection. The ATA will need to pull an IP address via DHCP.
  2. LAN/PC Port (optional): Connect an optional device to utilize the additional LAN port such as a network printer.
  3. Phone 1 / 2 Ports: Connect a phone cord (RJ11) from the port marked LINE (or similar) on your fax machine to Phone port 1 on the Fax ATA. If we programmed the FAX ATA for 2 DIDs/Fax machines, plug the second fax machine into Phone Port 2
  4. Power Port: Connect the supplied power supply which allows it to initialize. There is no ON/OFF switch so the Fax ATA turns on as soon as you connect the power.


Fax ATA lights

  • POWER LED is lit (green) when initialization completes, about 1 minute.
  • STATUS LED will change from red to solid green.
  • The unit may automatically reboot within the first few minutes after downloading updated settings from the server. Wait for all 3 lights to again turn solid green
  • Phone1 or 2 will blink when a fax is being processed.
  • WAN/LAN will flash orange/green when it is communicating with the network.





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