How to use the FAXability Windows print driver to send faxes from your PC.


First, go to the Faxability web page here:

You don't need to fill anything out yet, just click on Get Windows printer driver **HERE**.  You'll see it just below the Password text box.

You might see a similar warning as the one here.  We know this is a trusted file so go ahead and keep this file by clicking on the little down arrow:


Now just run the installer.  You'll see the following pop-up windows:




Now click on Install to complete the installation.


Once the install completes, navigate to your Devices and Printers and you should see the Faxability 3.0 driver installed right next to any other printers you have installed.



This will allow you to Fax any document you are working on from your PC if it is a compatible file type such as: PDF DOC DOCX RTF TIFF XLS XLSX HTML TXT PPTX.


Let's say you are working on a Microsoft Word document and you decide you want to fax this to someone.  Simply Print the document as usual, only this time select the FAXability 3.0 driver as shown below.


This will send the document to the Net SatisFAXtion server


And take you back to this page:

Sign in with your username and password.  Level365 support will supply you with this info.



Now just enter the fax number as 10 digits and fill out any other pertinent information and click Send Fax at the far right.


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