Auto Attendants

First Login to the portal at

First log in to

Click on Manage Organization

Now click on Auto Attendants to select your auto attendant.

Now let's examine the available options in an Auto Attendant.

  • User - Sends the caller to an extension
  • Conference - Sends the caller to a conference bridge
  • Call Queue - Sends the caller to a Call Queue
  • Directory ( or Company Directory) - Allows the caller to enter the desired parties last name and the system will connect them with that party

Voicemail and Voicemail management:

  • The voicemail option, when selected, sends the caller straight to a user's voicemail box.
  • The Voicemail Management prompt sends the caller to the voicemail management center which will allow for any voicemail box on the your system to be accessed, if the caller knows the pin code.

More Auto Attendant options:

  • External Number - Dials an external number
  • Play Message - Plays a pre-recorded message.  For instance, "To hear hours and directions for our location, press 7"
  • Repeat prompt - Plays the Auto Attendant greeting again

Add Tier

Selecting Add Tier nests another Auto Attendant inside of the original with all of the same options.  You can only add tier once per prompt.

Now lets look at Options

Now lets look at Options

Enable Dial by Extension allows callers, if they know the desired extension, to dial it directly as soon as the Auto Attendant greeting starts to play.

You can also program a function if no key is pressed or if an unassigned key is pressed

You can also program a function if no key is pressed or if an unassigned key is pressed

By default, both of these options are set to Repeat the Greeting prompt.  However you can also program these 2 options to Hangup the call or follow any of the already programmed prompts.

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