Call History

Call history allows you to see incoming and outgoing calls to and from users under your domain.

Login at

Click on Call History

You can visually scan your call history log or use Filters to narrow your search.

Call History Filters

Call History Filters

If the call you are looking for not readily apparent, you can use the following filters to refine your search:

  • Date Range - Expand or narrow the search by specifying dates and times
  • User - Search by a user's name or extension number
  • Caller Number - Enter the number that called your customer here.
  • Dialed Number - Enter the number that your customer called

Call Types

Call Types

You can also use Call Types to narrow your search:

Inbound - Your number(s) are being called

Outbound - You are calling out

Missed - Calls that when unanswered

Ext to Ext - Calls from one extension to another extension within the system

Off-Net - Search for any call to/from an Off network number.

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