Call Quality Info and Tips

Call quality problems are related to the performance of the network and internet services being used. Issues with these connections can create problems such as choppy audio, dropped calls or delays during conversations. Level365 has monitoring and troubleshooting tools available to determine where the trouble on calls is occurring. Any communication issues identified need to be addressed by the network administrator and the internet service provider to ensure the best possible calling experience.


In VoIP, voice data is transmitted over the internet in real-time. Disruptions in these communications can lead to degraded call quality. The common causes of this are packet loss, jitter and latency. 

Packet loss - This occurs when some data packets are not successfully transmitted from the sender to the receiver. The missing packets result in gaps in the conversation making them become less intelligible or drop the call completely.

Jitter - A term used to indicate momentary fluctuations in the transmission signal. When Jitter occurs data packets are received out of their intended order which can result in distorted audio making communication difficult.

Delay, Lag or Latency - These are terms used to indicate the extra time taken by a packet of data to travel from the source to the destination and back again. This delay can make it challenging for participants to engage in smooth, real-time conversations and often create overlapping speech.


Tips & Best Practices

  • Verify that your internet equipment is configured to allow the required IP addresses and ports (see our guide HERE).
  • Use a wired network connection whenever possible. Wireless network connections have increased delays which can create issues with VoIP calls.
  • Avoid bandwidth-intensive activities when calls are typically being made such as large downloads, data backups, and other streaming services.


Softphone & Web Phone

  • Configure Audio & Headset Settings (see our guide HERE).
  • Avoid using VPN connections as these can cause delays.


If you are experiencing issues, please open a support ticket HERE. Please provide recent call examples using the below template and our support team will investigate and assist wherever possible.

  • Calling Number:
  • Called Number:
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Brief description of issue:





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