UC Platform Update - 6/5/2024

Faxing from Web App:

  • Sending and receiving is now available within the web app  (requires eFax service subscription)
  • Please submit a SUPPORT REQUEST to have this feature enabled
  • User guide available HERE

Web Phone Client App:

  • User interface updates
  • User Guide available HERE

Voicemail Email Notifications:

  • Added a "delete" and "save" option within the emailed voicemail notification messages

Persistent Voicemail Reminders

  • When a new voicemail message is left, a persistent notification can be sent by email, phone, or SMS. Users will be reminded, at set intervals, until the message is saved or deleted.
  • Please submit a SUPPORT REQUEST to have this feature enabled.
  • User guide available HERE

Call Park Ringback Ringtones

  • Calls ringing back from park will now have a distinctive ringtone to distinguish these calls from other incoming calls

Various fixes for improved stability and functionality

If you experience any issues within our web app (app.level365.com) after the update, please clear your Chrome browser cache and restart the browser.

Level365 Softphone Version 2.2.0

Download the latest version and access the user guide HERE.

New Features:

  • (Desktop App only) Added additional option for Portal Contact sorting: Last Name, First Name. Navigate to Settings > Controls > Contact sort order
  • Added callback option for voicemails (added phone icon)
  • Added refresh button to Voicemail tab


  • Changed configuration to prevent invalid calls
  • Changed configuration to allow all special characters in passwords
  • Various UI changes
  • Changed configuration relating to Message threads. Message threads should no longer duplicate. Existing duplicated threads will need to be manually removed.

You may be prompted to Restart the application to allow for new settings to be applied

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