Level365 Web Phone Client

This article will demonstrate how to use the Web Phone client. The Web Phone acts as a softphone, linking to your Level365 account without needing to use a physical phone.


Start by browsing to the Portal and logging in.

After logging in, select Web Phone Client at the top of the page. This will pop out the client in another page.

Upon first login, Google Chrome will request permissions to access the system's microphone. You must accept this prompt or the Web Phone will not register.

After the Web Phone launches, ensure the client has registered properly. This can be determined by looking at the top right side and noting the color of the telephone receiver. If it shows red, the client is not registered and you will not be able to make calls or receive them. If it displays a white receiver, the client is registered and ready to make or receive calls.

If you expand the Web Phone window, the receiver icon will display green instead to denote registration.

The default landing page is the Contacts tab.

  1. Contact List
  2. Voicemail Messages
  3. Call History
  4. Chat/SMS
  5. New Conversation/ Dialer
  6. Settings

The following is the Voicemail tab. If you click on the voicemail itself, it will present additional options.

  1. Clicking on the voicemail will present you with the voicemail transcription and options.
  2. Selecting the handset will dial the number attached to the voicemail.
  3. Selecting the Floppy Disk will allow you to download and save the message.
  4. Selecting the arrow will forward the voicemail to another extension.
  5. This option will delete the message.

The following image is of the call history tab. From this page you have the ability to look over your call history along with the ability to call from it, save the number to a new contact, and add to an existing contact.

The last tab is the Messages/SMS tab. This tab allows the the user to view messages and reply. Click on the message you would like to reply to, and it will bring up the chat window.

The last page is the Settings option. This can be found by clicking on the 3 bars on the top right corner of the client. Clicking this will present the settings options.

  1. Answering Rules
  2. Greetings
  3. Settings - Includes Ringtones
  4. Logout

Answering Rules allow you to make changes to how calls are received. These will need to be created in the portal before you can set them through the Web Phone client. If you have created one for your extension you will see it along with the default after selecting the option. The active rule will have a small blue dot next to it when it is active. You can click on the rule to display how an incoming call will behave when active, and change the order of these by left clicking and holding on the 2 lines to the right of the rule. Drag the rule up or down to rearrange them, with the top Answering Rule taking precedent when it's associated Time Frame is active.

See these articles for more information relating to Time Frames and Answering Rules:


The Greetings option allows to select and listen to the active greeting and a new one. Click on the + sign to record.

The last selection is the Settings option. From here you have the ability to change your Ringtone.

If you have any questions or need assistance with using the WebPhone client, please reach out to support at support@level365.com or contact us at 317-810-0024 option 1.

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