Hotdesking - How to setup a phone to hotdesk

"Hotdesking" is a phone setup in which you are not statically assigned a phone. Rather, you can assign phones to yourself quickly and easily via the portal.

Answering rules will follow your account regardless of what phone you use.

How to assign a phone

1. Login to

2. Select Phones from the top menu bar.

3. Select Activate Phone from the top-right.

4. In the resulting dialogue box, enter the extension listed on the phone you wish to use and click Call.

5. When the phone rings, pick up the receiver and enter your voicemail PIN followed by the pound (#) sign. This will assign the phone to your account, and automatically forward any of your calls to that phone.

6. After that, you're done! The phone can then be used normally like any other non-hotdesk phone.

The message light on your phone will not continue to flash for existing new messages when you move to a new phone. The voicemails will still be retrievable from the new phone, however.

How to release a phone

To release the phone, click the red X icon to the right of the phone details.

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