Forwarding your extension from your phone

This article will explain how to use a star code to forward your calls. To forward calls from the Portal, see this article.

If you are a member of a Call Queue or Hunt Group, any calls to the Call Queue or Hunt Group will not be forwarded using this method.  Please contact support if you would like these calls forwarded.

 On your phone's keypad type in *72 plus extension or number you wish to forward your calls to.

For example, to forward your extension to 317-555-1234, dial "*725551234" then press Send or Dial. If you are not local to the 317 area code, you will type 10 digits, "*723175551234" then press Send or Dial.

You will then hear the operator recite back the number you are forwarding to.

To disable this call forward, type in *73 then press Send or Dial.

You will then hear the operator saying that the call forwarding has been disabled.

Calls will immediately begin following the new Answering Rule, and will continue to do so until you change it.

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