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This page will guide you through configuration and basic use of the Go Communicator Google Contacts Add-in. It is expected that you are already familiar with the Address Book, Call History and Preview window, and the basic concepts of integration and screen popping using the Add-ins. See the 'User Guide' for these topics.

Google Contacts and the database used to store your contact data should already be installed and working normally before proceeding with this integration.

Go Communicator must also be installed already with the initial configuration completed. If this is not the case, please see the 'Technical Installation Guide' or consult your system administrator.

Information You'll Need

  • Google Contacts username and password.


Right-click the Go Communicator tray icon in the system tray menu and then left-click the 'Configuration' option from the menu that pops up, this will open the 'Configuration' screen. In the 'Integration' area, click the 'Add new' button, select 'Google Contacts' from the 'Type' dropdown box and then click the 'Set' button.

On the 'Configuration' group press "Link".

You will be prompted to log into your Google Contacts account.

Next, you will need to click the 'Allow' button on your Google Contacts screen to authorise the integration.

Click the 'Save' button to store the information you've entered and apply the configuration.


To test if the configuration worked, enter a phone number from your Google Contacts account into the 'Telephone' box in the 'Integration test' area and click the 'Search' button. The results will be displayed after a few seconds.

If the test does not work, go to the 'Log' page of configuration and see if there are any errors in the log.

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