Autotask Addin Guide

This page will guide you through configuration and basic use of the Level365 CRM Connect Autotask Add-in. It is expected that you are already familiar with the Address Book, Call History and Preview window, and the basic concepts of integration and screen popping using the Add-ins.

Autotask and the database used to store your contact data should already be installed and working normally before proceeding with this integration.

Level365 CRM Connect must also be installed already with the initial configuration completed.


Information You'll Need

  • Autotask URL, username and password.


Right-click the Level365 CRM Connect tray icon in the system tray menu and then left-click the Configuration option from the menu that pops up, this will open the 'Configuration' screen. In the 'Integration' area, click the Add new button, select Autotask from the 'Type' dropdown box and then click the Set button.

On the 'Configuration' group, enter your Autotask account login information.

In the 'URL' text box, you need to enter the unique web address you go to access your Autotask account online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If popping of Resources (also known as 'Co-Workers') is required then enter the URL of the 'Co-Workers' page which can be found by first clicking on Directory from the Autotask menu, then select Co-Workers. On the 'Co-Workers' page hover the mouse pointer over a name, then copy the web address displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the window, or if displayed, the URL address in the web browser up to 'Profile.aspx'. For example, for this installation the web address would be ''.

Autotask needs to be made a trusted site and allow popups. To check the web browser is configured for Autotask, click the link Check my browser settings (highlighted in red). Ensure that 'A pop-up blocker is enabled' is set to pass.

If the 'A pop-up blocker is enabled' option is set to 'Fail' please click the Learn more link (highlighted below) which will provide instruction to enable pop ups for Autotask for your web browser.

Select which of your Autotask contact types you want to be used by ticking the corresponding boxes in the 'Entities' section.

Click the Save button to store the information you've entered and apply the configuration.

Note: Please be aware that Autotask has an API Call Threshold which may affect the integration. Please contact Autotask for details of the API Call Threshold.



To test if the configuration worked, enter a phone number from your Autotask account into the 'Telephone' box in the 'Integration test' area and click the 'Search' button. The results will be displayed after a few seconds.

If the test does not work, go to the 'Log' page of configuration and see if there are any errors in the log.

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