Zoho Phonebridge Addin Guide

For information on setting up dialing with Zoho Phonebridge, please click here.

This page will guide you through configuration and basic use of the Level365 CRM Connect Zoho Phonebridge Add-in with events.

Zoho Phonebridge should already be installed and working normally before proceeding with this integration.

Level365 CRM Connect must also be installed already with the initial configuration completed.

Information You'll Need

  • Zoho account credentials


Right-click the Level365 CRM Connect tray icon in the system tray menu and then left-click the Configuration option from the menu that pops up, this will open the 'Configuration' screen. In the 'Integration' area, click the Add new button, select Zoho Phonebridge from the 'Type' dropdown box and then click the Set button.


On the Configuration group, select either Zoho CRM or Zoho Desk from the dropdown, depending on which you use, and then click Authorize.


Pressing Authorize will take you to a login screen, where you can use your Zoho credentials to sign in. Once signed in, the Go Integrator integration configuration will now show the Zoho Phonebridge integration as 'Authorized'.

In the 'Modules' section, select the Zoho Phonebridge account contact types you want to be used by ticking the corresponding boxes.

Click the Save button to store the information you've entered and apply the configuration.


To test if the configuration worked, call your deskphone using a phone number that is stored in your Zoho account.

If the integration is configured correctly, you will see either one of the above phone windows appear within your Zoho.

You will now be provided a Pop-up within Zoho Phonebridge. Here you can affect the call, using the commands on the screen.

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