Salesforce (Lightning) Adapter Addin Installation Guide


  • Access to an Administrator account for Salesforce
  • The Level365 CRM Connect Client (version or higher) installed and started
  • Level365 CRM Connect Client CRM license

Step 1: Download the Adapter's definition

Go to the following link to download and save the adapter's XML definition file: Download Level365 CRM Connect Salesforce Adapter.


Step 2: Import the Adapter definition

Login to Salesforce as an administrator, click on the cog in the top-right and then select set up.


This will display the setup menus.

Search for 'Call Centers'. Once on this page, click import and locate the adapter XML definition file, and click import again.



Step 3: Manage Call Center Users

Once you have completed the import, you will be automatically taken to the Level365 CRM Connect Call Center Adapter screen shown here. Click the Manage Call Center Users button.


In the Manage Users screen, click the Add More Users button to start adding users that you want to have access to the Adapter.


Use the search filters to locate the user(s) that you wish to add, or just leave the filters set to none, and then click the Find button.


This will reveal your filtered list of users. As shown below, tick the user(s) that you want to add, and then click the Add to Call Center button.


When you return to the Manage Users screen, you'll see your selected users listed.

Step 4: App Manager

Search in the 'Quick Find' box again for 'App Manager'.


A list of applications will appear. Select an application that has an app type of 'Lightning'. Click the drop down menu and then Edit.


Select Utility Bar from the 'Edit App' form that appears.


Select Add and choose Open CTI Softphone from the drop down.


The panel width/height is set automatically but can be changed if required. To do this, edit the details under the CTI Softphone form. Once you are happy with the options, click Save.


  • Visibility is configured per Salesforce App - i.e. you need to add it to each App that you want it to be accessible in.
  • Ensure the user is assigned the Lightning Center Adapter otherwise it will not be displayed in their utility bar.
  • You may need to refresh the page for it to show - i.e. Ctrl F5

Panel Status

If the user has Level365 CRM Connect running and a valid CRM level license, their Softphone State will show as 'Available' and they are ready to work with the Softphone.

If the user is experiencing connection issues, or their Level365 CRM Connect client does not support the Salesforce integration, their state will show as 'Not connected'. See the troubleshooting section for help.

Configuring Multiple Search Results Feature

To allow the multiple searching to work the admin must enable a setting as follows (see screenshot).

  1. Go to Customize-Call Centers-Softphone Layouts
  2. Edit the Standard Softphone Layout
  3. In section 'Screen Pop Settings' - Multiple-Matching records, press edit
  4. Select the option "Pop to search page"

Customize "New" Entity

If this setting is not configured, then the "+" button will create a new lead. If not configured it is either "No matching records" is set to "Don't pop any screen" or "Pop to New '--None--'".


Customizing the behavior of the "+" button can be done by selecting another entity in the list.

Note: Different softphone layouts can be created and assigned for each user allowing customizing of the behavior for each user. This is not covered in this guide.


If the status on the Softphone panel shows as "Not Connected", check the following:

  • Check that the user has their Level365 CRM Connect client running and connected to their host account
  • Please check that your client meets the prerequisite version for Salesforce Adapter
  • Check that the user has a valid CRM license assigned to them, and that they have "CRM" selected as the License Type in their client configuration

If the Softphone panel does not appear for a user:

  • Check that the user is assigned to use the Level365 CRM Connect Salesforce Adapter (they should be listed in the Manage Users page shown in Step 3 above)

If multiple contacts found and search button does not work:

  • You should check section "Configuring Multiple Search Results Feature" above

Optional Configuration

Include the Users Time Zone in the Call History Subject

Install this Salesforce Apex class in order to include the users Timezone in the Call History subject, for example:

Inbound Call at 16:11:36 Europe/London from 07814256404 (Fred Bloggs)
Inbound Call at 16:14:28 Asia/Hong Kong from 01202528735 (John Smith)
Inbound Call at 16:14:50 Asia/Hong Kong from 01202528732 (Bournemouth)

Note: If the Apex class is not installed the softphone will work as usual however will not show a Timezone in the subject.

To Install the Salesforce Apex class

  • Go to Setup > Build > Develop > Apex Classes.
  • Select New Apex Class.
  • Paste the below code to the edit box and save.
global class GetCurrentUser{
    webService static String getUserTimeZone() {
        TimeZone tz = UserInfo.getTimeZone();
        return tz.getDisplayName();

    webService static String getUserId() {
        return UserInfo.getUserId();


To Modify the InternalNumbersDigits Length (version 1.0.1+)

In the event that a site has internal extension numbers longer than 5 (default), you should add the method described below to the Apex class.

By adding this method you can override the default value. If the length of the phone number received during a call event is less than or equal to this value, then the call is considered to be an internal call.

  • Internal calls never get assigned a related entity (1.0.1)
  • Internal calls do not cause a contact search in Salesforce softphone

Add the following to the body of the Apex class:

webService static integer getInternalNumbersDigitsLength(){
return 5; // change this value

Setting search Entities

When a call is made or received you can customize which entities are searched for a match by configuring the Softphone Layout as below.


There are limitations in searching the Cases by phone number; this is a limitation of Salesforce API at time of writing. Salesforce cannot search the associated contact for a Case.

If multiple matching entities are returned from Salesforce, then the adapter will follow the setting configured under "Multiple Matching records" in the Softphone Layout as shown below.

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