How to Install SNAPmobile Beta for Android Devices

To sign up for the beta in the Play Store, you must first install the base app.

Open the Google Play Store app and search for "SNAPmobile". (Not case sensitive)

Click the App published by NetSapiens.

Click Install.

Once the app is installed, a banner will appear on it's page in the Play Store prompting you to join the beta.


Click Join. (It takes a few minutes to process the opt-in. Refresh the page to check if you're opted in.)

Once opted in to beta, the Open button will change to Update. Click Update.

Launch the app by clicking Open from the app's Play Store page or from your app list.

Accept all permission request prompts.

You must accept all prompts, even one that it seems SNAPmobile is unlikely to use, or the app will not launch.

In the Host/ID field of the login screen, enter "MVP".

Enter your Portal credentials for the Login Name and Password fields.

Click Login.

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