Troubleshooting Fax ATA Connections

Fax ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters) are a cost-effective solution that converts traditional analog signal into a digital system that can be transmitted using conventional IP protocol. This is advantageous as it allows faxes to be sent and received without the need for an analog line, which is an aging and expensive technology.

Level365 can detect issues with these connections when faxes stop transmitting for an extended period of time, and spool up on the fax server waiting to be delivered.


Physical Troubleshooting

Most fax issues that occur when using an ATA arise from the fax machine itself. This happens because the fax server can reach the ATA device, which attempts to transmit to the actual fax machine, but fails due to a physical issue with the machine. (e.g. paper jams, out of toner, loose cable)


The first thing to check is the physical connection from the fax machine to the ATA. This should be from your analog input line on the fax machine to the Phone 1 port on the ATA. The WAN port on the ATA should be running to a valid internet connection.

If the connections are firmly in place, check the status lights on the ATA device. The Status and Power lights should be a solid green. Phone 1 will blink when a fax is being processed and WAN will flash amber and green when communicating with the network. Note the status of these lights to relay to Level365 technicians.


Regardless of the light status, reboot the ATA by unplugging the power cable labeled 12VDC. Leave it out 10 seconds, and plug it back in.


While the ATA reboots, check the fax machine itself for any errors on the display and resolve any errors/warnings such as paper jams, toner deficiency, etc.


After the ATA has rebooted and the Status light is solid green, attempt to send a fax. It is important that you use strictly the area code and the fax number, e.g. 3171234567. Any leading 1 or 9 that is not part of the area code should be omitted. In total the number should be 10 digits, no more and no less.



Alternative Fax Methods

In the event that we are unable to determine the cause of the issue and a fax technician must be called on-site (this would only occur when Level365 can see the ATA is online and functioning properly but faxing is still not working) we can setup a temporary fax to email solution to keep faxes coming and going. Please contact Support for assistance with this.



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