Provisioning a Phone using the Portal

Office Manager role is required to complete the following steps.

This article is only compatible with Yealink brand phones.

Provisioning a phone can now be achieved directly via the Portal. Complete the following article prior to plugging the phone in for the first time.

Start by browsing to the Portal at and logging in with your Office Manager credentials.

Click the Manage Domain button at the top of the screen if present.

Click the Users button, then browse to the user to receive the new phone.

Click the Phones tab.

If no phones are listed, click Add Phone. Accept the defaults and click Add.

If this is to be the user's primary phone, click the pencil icon next to the phone with the same name as their extension.

Select the phone's make and model from the Model drop-down and enter the MAC Address.

Select 1 for the Line Number drop-down.

Ensure the Preferred Server reads Midwest1.

Click Save.

Plug the phone in and allow it to boot up. The phone may perform a firmware update during it's initial boot sequence. Do not unplug the phone until it is fully booted.

The phone should come up with the user's extension. If it does not, please contact Support.












































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