Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration is now available using the Portal. You must have a web camera in order to broadcast video, but it is not required to join video conferences.

Hosting/Joining a Collaboration

To host a Collaboration, browse to in Google Chrome. (Chrome is the only supported browser.)

Log in with your Portal credentials.

In the Join a video meeting dialogue, enter in the meeting ID you wish or let the system generate one for you automatically by leaving it blank and click Next.

If it is your first time using the Collaboration system, Chrome will prompt you permission to use your camera and microphone. Click Allow on these prompts.

Allow or disallow camera/microphone feed and click Continue. (You will still be able to see and hear the other users who have their camera/microphone enabled if you disallow your own.)

Once a Collaboration has been formed, you can invite other participants by clicking the invite button.

Invitations may be sent to any user in your organization or to any external email address. The direct link at the top of the Invite Participants window will also join anyone who navigates to it.

If sent to an internal user who is logged into the portal, the invitation will pop up in the Chat and SMS area.

If sent to an external user via email, the invitation will display this:

Participants my also join in from any phone by dialing (317) 708-9100 and entering the Meeting ID at the prompt.

User Interface

The user interface during a conference has several functions.

  1. Turn on/off your microphone
  2. Turn on/off your camera
  3. Hang up and disconnect from the Collaboration
  4. Share your screen.*
  5. Toggle display format between full view and grid.
  6. Invite participants to conference.
  7. Open the Participant/Chat pane.

A Google Chrome plugin is required to screen share. Chrome will prompt you to install the plugin if you do not have it when attempting to screen share.

In the Participant/Chat pane you can toggle between seeing the two. Participants will have differing icons depending on how they joined the meeting.

If you have any questions or difficulty utilizing Video Collaboration, please contact Support.

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