Level365 CRM Connect Pro Features

In addition to integrating with various application, the Connect Pro application has various standalone features covered in this article. While these features will work without any integrations, they are best used in conjunction with add-ins.

Preview Window

The Preview window appears when a call is made or received. It contains much of the information from the main Phone window but in a much more compact format and it disappears shortly after a call connects.

The telephone number and name of the other party is displayed on any incoming/outgoing call. If notes are contained in the contact's record, they will also be displayed.

Click on a contact record icon to open the contact record in the corresponding software.

When more than one call is in progress at the same extension, the Preview windows are now stacked with the active call always at the front. The hidden call is selected and made active by clicking its header box (behind the active call).

Phone Window

When the Phone window is open, you can simply start typing a telephone number on your keyboard. Go Communicator Client will understand that you want to make a call and switch to the Make Call screen.

On an active call, clicking any buttons showing integrated application names will open the caller's record in those applications.

Address Book Window

The Address book window is accessed from the Address book item on the main menu or tray menu icon. It provides access to a local address book included with the client.

Click the New contact button to add a new contact record to the local Address Book.


In the event that you get too many search results, you can perform an Advanced search to narrow down the results. Click the arrow on the Advanced search bar to see the available search filters.

Click on the telephone number of a contact to dial them.

Click the contact's name to open the Contact Record window.

Contact Record Window

All of the boxes from the Contact window, including the Notes box at the bottom, can be searched. You can also interact with some of the boxes to make a call, send an email, etc.

From this screen you can edit any contact details, or delete the contact entirely.

Call History Window

The Call History window is accessed from the Call History item on the main menu or from the tray icon menu. As well as reviewing recent activity, you can dial someone from here by clicking on their telephone number. By default, the Call History screen returns the fifty most recent calls.

You can add a new contact record to the Personal Phone List from your Call History by clicking on where the name would appear (it will be a location name in brackets instead). When you do this, the Create contact window will appear.

If you hover over one of the entries in the list, then a context menu should appear. Assuming that you are not already on a call, then the menu should contain the Make Call item. By choosing this action, you can dial the number directly.

You should also see the Show Contact item for known contacts or the Add Contact item for unknown numbers. Clicking either will open the Contact Record window.

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