Zoom Rooms Integration

Integrating Zoom Rooms with Level365 UC

Zoom Rooms implementations can be configured to utilize our UC platform.  This simple process will allow you to make and receive phone calls via your Zoom Rooms hardware, in addition to hosting Zoom meetin

Once you log in to your Zoom Rooms account, navigate to Admin - Room Management - Zoom Rooms

In your list of Rooms that you have configured, select the Edit button for the room you'd like to configure

Once you're in the details of the Room, you can navigate to Phone Integration.  From here, change SIP Phone Integration to Enabled, and then select Edit to configure the required fields.  When finished, select Save.  The status should change to "Registering SIP phone might take a minute..."  Refreshing the page, the status should change to "The SIP phone has been registered successfully."

Required Fields

The following fields should be configured:

Transport protocol:         UDP
User Name:                  Username value provided by Level365
Domain:                     [leave blank]
Password:                   Password value provided by Level365
Authorization Name:         Username value provided by Level365
Registrar Server:           Domain/Proxy value provided by Level365
Proxy Server:               Outbound Proxy value provided by Level365
Registration expiry:        1
DTMF/RFC2833 payload type:  101
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