How to Create and Modify Accounts in Faxback

This article will demonstrate how to create, delete, and modify users accounts in Faxback.

Start by browsing to the Faxback Administration page.

Login with the following credentials:




Creating Accounts

Click the + symbol next to "Accounts:".

Select Email from the Receive Type drop-down.

Enter an appropriate account name. If faxing will be done company-wide through one account, use the company's name. If individual, use the individual's name.

Leave the Password fields blank.

Enter the full 11-digit fax number into the assigned fax numbers field and click Add.

You must include the leading 1 digit.

Click the Profile tab.

Enter First Name and Last Name.

Click the Inbound Routing tab.

Enter the Inbound Destination Email Address (this is where faxes will be sent to) and click Add.

Click the Call Identity tab.

Enter the fax number, leaving off the leading 1, for all four fields.

Ensure you exclude the 1 for this step as it will interfere with billing otherwise.

Click the Notifications tab.

Ensure all checkboxes are checked.

If additional users need to be whitelisted to send from the account, click the Advanced tab. If no other users need to send, click Save and proceed to the billing section of this article.

Click the More Options tab.

Enter in each email address to whitelist and click Add. Once all users have been added, click Save.

Deleting Accounts

Highlight the account to be deleted and click the - button next to Accounts.

Click Yes in the resulting confirmation popup.

If fax number is to be released, ensure the proper carrier is updated. If retained, add back to Netsapiens in the client's domain.

Proceed to the Updating Billing section of this article.

Updating Billing

Account Creation

If an account was created, scroll to the bottom of the list and and add the following, left to right.

  • Account Name
  • Netsapiens domain name
  • Billing Code entered in the Call Identity tab in FaxBack
  • Billing Code entered in the Call Identity tab in FaxBack
  • Blank
  • Email address associated with account
  • Any relevant notes/ticket numbers (optional)

Account Deletion

If an account was deleted, locate the account in the sheet and highlight it red.

Adding or Removing Numbers from the Fax Server

Log in to Bomgar. Navigate to the FaxBack Server in the Jump Groups section, and initiate a session with the server.

If the Manage Accounts window is not open, perform the following:

  • Click Start
  • Launch IPFS Manager
  • Click File > Open
  • Highlight the file "Port Server - IPFSManager.xml" and click Open.
  • Right-click the Connection Server on FAX server and click Manage Accounts.

The Manage Accounts window and IPFS Manager taskbar icon appear as follows.

Adding a Number

Click the DIDs drop-down and select New DID... .

Enter the DID including the leading 1 digit.

If service is to be activated now, ensure the Enabled checkbox is checked.

If service will port at a later date, ensure the Enabled checkbox is unchecked until the port date.

Click OK.

Removing a Number

Highlight the DID to be removed

Click the DIDs drop-down and select Delete... .

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