How to install Level365 Softphone Pro

Level365 Softphone Pro is an enhanced softphone available from Level365. This article will demonstrate how to install the product and complete initial configuration. For the user guide, click here.


You will receive an email from Level365 when you sign up for the Softphone Pro service. This email contains a link to download the product as well as your username and password.

Select the appropriate client based on your operating system and download/run the installer.

Select your preferred language and click OK.

Click Next at the welcome screen.

Click the checkbox after reviewing the End-User License Agreement and click Next.

Select your preferred installation directory (the default will work for most users) and select any desired preferences.

Click Next.

Click Install to begin installation. Once the process has completed, click Finish.

Launch the Level365 program and enter the login information provided in the initial email.

Click Sign In.

Both the username and password fields are case sensitive. Ensure you are typing the credentials exactly as shown in the email.

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