Creating Auto Attendant Prompts Using Text-to-Speech (TTS)

This article will demonstrate how to create prompts using Text-to-Speech, bypassing the need to provide a voice recording.

You must have Office Manager permissions to complete this article. If you do not or are unsure, please contact support.

After logging into the Portal, select Manage Organization at the top of the page if present. Select the Auto Attendants button to display a list of all Auto Attendants, then select the Auto Attendant to add the prompt to.

Click the Manage button next to the menu prompt.

In the resulting pop up, select the Text-To-Speech radio button and enter the text to convert in the box below. You can then select a voice from the drop-down and press the Play button to hear a preview.

When you are satisfied with the recording, click Save.

Ensure that your TTS options align with your Auto Attendant options. For more information on setting Auto Attendant options, see the Auto Attendants knowledge article.

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