Call Center Home Page


The Level365’ Call Center Home page is the best place to view statistics related to the call queues that a supervisor manages. When configured the Stats Grid will display custom statistics for your call center which are color coded on a scale of red to green based on lower and upper thresholds of certain call center aspects that you can configure.


  • Call Center Supervisor Scope - An access level of the manager portal that is normally assigned to a Call Center Supervisor.
  • Home Page/Dashboard - The screen displayed when you first log into the manager portal with call center supervisor scope.  This is also accessible to users of higher scope than call center supervisors.
  • Stats Grid - The custom statistics displayed in the top right corner of the Home page that can be configured with an lower and upper threshold.
  • Lower Threshold - The value set for a call center aspect such that when the lower threshold is reached, the corresponding square in the stats grid will turn yellow. This value should be lower than the Upper Threshold except in the case of the service level agreement threshold.  If this is left blank then the color will turn yellow at 70% of the upper threshold.
  • Upper Threshold - The value set for a call center aspect such that when the upper threshold is reached, the corresponding statistic square will turn red. This value should be higher than the lower threshold except in the case of the service level agreement threshold.
  • Service Level Agreement - This determines if a call was answered in an acceptable amount of time (in seconds). This is used in calculating the Service Level Percentage statistic.


  • Call queues can be configured and modified only by users with a scope of Office Manager/Call Center Supervisor or higher.
  • Only once a call queue is set up can agents be added.
  • Call queues can contain both on-net and off-net agents.
  • Call queues need to have a numerical “name.”
  • Only online agents can be part of an active queue.
  • If a device is not registered then the agent will be considered to be offline.
  • Icon colors represent agent status; grey - offline, green - online, red - online but currently taking a call.
  • Agents that are a part of multiple queues can prioritize one queue over another.
  • Agents are able to indicate the reasons for their availability/unavailability - Logged In, Lunch, Break, Meeting, Web and Other

Home Screen

The following is the home screen for the call center.  From this screen you can access all of the new call center features.



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