Creating Holiday Callflows

Utilizing the Level365 UC platform, it is possible to create temporary callflows for special events, such as all-hands meetings, company outings, or holidays. These callflows can be created in advance, and can be unique for each individual phone number.

To get started, the callflow to change needs to be identified.

Log into the Portal, then browse to the Inventory section.

In the example above, the phone number (317) 555-0123 is leading to the user account for x808. As a result, the answering rules for x808 need to be altered to affect this call flow.

To create a new answering rule, it needs to have an associated Time Frame. Browse to the Time Frame section of Portal.

Click Add Time Frame.

Name the Timeframe appropriately, and select the radio button for Specific dates or ranges.

In the resulting fields, specify when the callflow should begin and end. To add multiple date ranges, click the green + symbol.

Click Save.

For more information, see the Creating a Time Frame article.

After the Timeframe is created, browse to the Users section in Portal. Find the extension to edit that was identified in the Inventory section, and select it.

Browse to the Answering Rules section in the user profile.

Click Add Rule.

Select the Timeframe that was just created, and click the checkbox for Always under call forwarding.

Where to send the call will depend on your unique circumstance. If you have an external answering service that answers calls during the holidays or after hours, you will enter their phone number here. If calls should be routed to a voicemail box immediately, enter the extension of the voicemail, and select the voicemail option from the resulting list.

If you have created a specific Auto Attendant to alert callers of the closure and to allow them to be routed to different options, enter the extension number for the Auto Attendant and select the Auto Attendant option in the resulting list.

See the appropriate Auto Attendant or Answering Rules articles for more detailed information.

Click Save to finalize the rule.

Ensure the newly created Answering Rule is at the top of the list so that it will take priority when it is active. If it is not, drag it to the top and click Save.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact Support.

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