Adding Contacts to Softphone Pro

Contacts need to be manually imported into the Softphone Pro application. Start by logging into the Portal.

Browse to the Contacts section, and select the Export function.

In the resulting pop-up, leave all settings at the default, and click Export.

The Portal will download a .csv file with your contacts. Open this in any spreadsheet editor.

Copy all cells in the R column under R1. (Start at R2 and highlight down until you reach the bottom.)

Paste the data into Cell AN2.

Save/download the file.

In Softphone Pro, click on the Contacts menu, and select Import Contacts.

Ensure Comma separated values (*.csv file) is highlighted and click Next.

Click Browse and navigate to and open the edited .CSV file. Click Next.

Select the desired contact options and click Next.

Contacts should now be populating within the application.


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