Level365 Softphone Pro User Guide

Placing a call

To place a call, first click the dialpad button in the bottom left. You can enter numbers by clicking them or using a keyboard. Once the number has been entered, press enter or click the phone icon to place the call.

You can also call a contact directly by selecting the contacts icon on the bottom.

In-Call Controls

While in a call you can do the following:

  1. Mute call
  2. Hold call
  3. Transfer call
  4. Create a conference
  5. End call

Headset and Microphone

Opening Preferences in the Softphone menu from the top menu bar will display the configurable options for the application. Select Devices in this menu to  configure which devices you want to use.

The application uses whatever is the Windows default devices, but this can be altered if you want specific speaker/microphone combinations for different functions.

For example, if you wanted to use a headset while in headset mode, but have the application ring notifications over a different device, you would specify that here by selecting the headset as the speaker/microphone in Headset Mode, and then ensuring the open speaker is selected in Windows settings as the default device. These settings can be accessed by right clicking the volume icon in the system tray and selecting Open Sound settings.


Contacts in the Softphone Pro app are independent from the web portal. To import your contacts from the portal, follow this guide.

Once your contacts have been imported, they will display in the contacts section. It may be necessary to expand the group the contact belongs to by clicking the group name:

Single clicking any contact will bring up their details, while double clicking will call them directly in the application. This behavior can be changed in the Softphone Preferences section.

To add a contact to the favorites section, right click the contact and select Add to Favorites.

Call History

The clock icon in the bottom right corner leads to the call history section. From here you can view your previous calls and add them to contacts. Click on a call to expand details on it.

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