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This article will demonstrate how to use the Web Phone client. The Web Phone acts as a softphone, linking to your Level365 account without needing to use a physical phone. The Web Phone has two different modes, expanded and compact. This article will use both versions throughout.

Google Chrome is the only supported browser for Web Phone use.

Start by browsing to the Portal and logging in.

After logging in, select Apps at the top right of the page, then click Web Phone Client . This will pop out the client in another page.

Upon first login, Google Chrome will request permissions to access the system's microphone. You must accept this prompt or the Web Phone will not register.

After the Web Phone launches, ensure the client has registered properly. This can be determined by looking at the top right side and noting the color of the telephone receiver. If it shows red, the client is not registered and you will not be able to make calls or receive them. If it displays a white receiver, the client is registered and ready to make or receive calls.

The Web Phone registration is dependent on a working microphone, speakers, and internet connection.

If you expand the Web Phone window, the receiver icon will display green instead to denote registered or red with No microphone if unregistered.

1. Dial Pad / New Conversation

Dial Pad

To place a call using the Web Phone, click the "+" symbol located in the bottom right corner, then click the dial pad icon.

Enter the number by clicking or using the number keys on your keyboard, then click the green phone button.

To accept an incoming call, click the green phone icon.

New Conversation

To start a new conversation, click the "+" symbol located in the bottom right corner, then click the pencil icon. Either select a contact or type in their name then click on the green check mark to start a chat session.

2. Call Park

To park an active call, click on the park button in the in-call controls.

In the resulting interface, click the icon next to the parking lot you wish to use.


Retrieving Parks

To retrieve parked calls, enter the Call Parks screen by clicking the park icon.

Click the phone icon next to the call you wish to pick up. The system will then place a call to your Web Phone to connect the call.

Click the green handset icon to answer the parked call you're retrieving.

3. Call Center

Call Center Functionality

It is now possible to change your queue status, view waiting calls, availability status, and view individual stats via the Call Center section in the Web Phone.

Start by expanding your Web Phone window then selecting the Call Center section in the navigation menu on the left.

From this screen, you can log out of individual queues by clicking the Log Out button that becomes visible after hovering over the callers waiting/agents icon.

Clicking on the bar itself will display waiting calls and agent status. There is also a log out button in this window.

To access your individual stats, click the My Stats tab in the Call Center section.

4. Contacts

The contacts screen will display all the extensions in your domain as well as any contacts saved into the Level365 platform. Clicking on a contact will allow you to call or message them, or add them into your favorite contacts.

5. Voicemail

The following is the Voicemail tab. If you click on the voicemail itself, it will present additional options.

  1. Clicking on the voicemail will present you with the voicemail transcription and options.
  2. Selecting the handset will dial the number attached to the voicemail.
  3. Selecting the Floppy Disk will allow you to download and save the message.
  4. Selecting the arrow will forward the voicemail to another extension.
  5. This option will delete the message.

6. Call History

The following image is of the call history tab. From this page you have the ability to look over your call history along with the ability to call from it, save the number to a new contact, and add to an existing contact.

7. Availability Status

To toggle your overall status, click the Online drop-down at the top of the screen.

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