Level365 Softphone Pro 2.0 User Guide

Login to your Softphone Pro 2.0 by using the login name supplied in your Welcome email. The password is the same one you use to login to your Level365 Web Portal at https://app.level365.com/

If you do not remember your password please click here and click Forgot Password.

1. Dial pad

Dial pad is the default page when you first login to Softphone Pro 2.0. Here you can dial an extension or external number. You can also start a chat or SMS, see if you have any voicemails or use quick dial to your contacts.

Start Chat

Either type in the user in the Search box or select from your RECENTS list. You can type in a full 10 digit number to start an SMS (this will only work if you have SMS service)

Chat / SMS

To use the Chat / SMS button you must enter in an extension or phone number you want to message.

Voicemail Indicator

The voicemail indicator will only appear if you have a voicemail.

Quick Dial

In the Quick Dial section you will find your contacts that you can click on to immediately start a call.

2. Contacts

In the Contacts section you can add a contact to your Quick Dial section by clicking the + icon or view contacts from your Portal (by clicking drop down menu). You can also Search for any contacts by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

3. Recents

In the Recents section you can click on any recent calls/chats you've made. After clicking on one of your recent interactions you will be able to see any ongoing chats or recent calls with time stamps and duration noted.

  • Phone icon - Place call to the number/extension
  • Clock icon - Sort history of calls or chats, see below screenshot labeled (1)
  • Trash can icon - Delete various parts of your interactions with this person or all interactions

>>>>>Delete all messages : This deletes all messages in your current thread with selected person

>>>>>Delete all calls : This deletes all calls in your current thread with selected person

>>>>>Delete thread : This deletes everything (messages and calls) in the current thread with selected person (this will close down the Softphone Pro 2.0 app to complete action, you will need to reopen afterwards)

>>>>>Delete complete history : This deletes all messages and calls made within Softphone Pro 2.0 (this will close down the Softphone Pro 2.0 app to complete action, you will need to reopen afterwards)

4. Voicemail

In the Voicemail section you can switch between messages in New, Saved, or Trash folders within your mailbox. Or select on Settings to interact with your Answering Rules and Voicemail settings which is the same in our Web Portal.

You can Play, Forward, Save, or Delete any messages from this section.

5. Do Not Disturb (DND)

Do Not Disturb can be controlled from the crescent moon icon, as noted below with the moon is white DND is off, when the moon is filled in DND is on.

6. Settings

In the Settings section, you will find various settings that can be changed.


About provides the application version and build information.


Account displays your username and allows you to update your password used to login.


Notifications allows you to change the Ringtone and Texttone.


Sound allows you to change the speaker/microphone being used by your Softphone Pro 2.0 application. If you encounter issues hearing or being heard you may need to adjust these settings. You can also adjust volume and other audio options.


Recording allows you to record any calls happening on Softphone Pro 2.0 directly to your computer. These will not save in anywhere except your computer and this is independent from calls being recorded on our platform. If you do have recording via our platform you can still retrieve them from your Call History section when logged into our Web Portal.


Controls allow you to change login at launch of application, to set as the default calling app, or if you want the application to always be on top of other applications.


Logs allows you to Clear or Save any existing logs, these are helpful for any issues you may encounter. The Support team may request these to troubleshoot issues.


Reset will allow you to complete reset anything that pertains to your Softphone Pro 2.0 application, this clears all login information, chat and call history recorded here.

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