Call Center Overview for Agents

Welcome to the Call Center Overview for Agents. This guide is designed to help you use your Call Center page. This guide will show you how to manage your queue availability and view your statistics.

We do not recommend using Do Not Disturb (DND) to manage your availability.


To view your Call Center page and manage your availability, login to the Level365 Web App at


1. Availability Button

Allows you to change your queue availability.

By selecting the drop down arrow next to Online you can set your extension in the queue as Offline, Single-call Mode*, Lunch, Break, Meeting, Other or Web. All of these statuses will take you offline. When Offline is displayed you will have the option to go Online by clicking the red Offline box or by using the drop down arrow.

*Single-call Mode: This allows you to answer one call then go offline again.


2. Login Method

After login to Level365 Web App you will see one or more Login Methods. To ensure you will receive calls, select the Login Method that displays your queue(s) and then switch to Online status. Queues can be set up with a device(s) or by User account, you will need to select the proper method for your configuration.


3. Call Statistics

View call statistics from the current day. To view more information about each statistics hover your mouse on the information bubble next to each one.

Under My Graphs you will see the following:

  • Calls Per Hours (last 24 hours)
  • Calls Per Day (last 10 days)
  • Calls by Origination Source (last 24 hours)


4. Manual Login/Logout Button

If you are in multiple queues you can manually change which queues you are logged into at any time. This allows you to be flexible. The buttons displayed in below picture show 2 different icons, the icon will change depending on: #5 Queue Status Indicator below.

In the picture below in section #5 Queue Status Indicator you can see that the Agent is logged out of Main CRG (red), but is logged into Sales CRG (green).

  • Login - arrow position on left side of icon
  • Logout - arrow position on right side of icon


5. Queue Status Indicator

The indicators on the left side of your queue(s) will show you whether you're logged in or not. In the below picture you can see that the Agent is logged out of Main CRG (red), but is logged into Sales CRG (green).

  • Green = Logged in
  • Red = Logged out.
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