Billing Portal Access & Payment Information


Setting Up Your Level365 Billing Portal Account

In order to setup payment and view your invoice, you will need to setup access to Level365’s online billing portal.

You will receive the below email from to setup your username and password. Click on the link labeled “Click Here”

Once you click on the link, you will be asked to verify your contact details. You will need to enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and FIRST NAME.

Once verified, you will be asked to setup a username and password.  The default username will be your email address.   You can change the username if you would like.

Once you setup your username and password, you will be automatically logged into the billing portal.  

Accessing The Level365 Billing Portal Account

Log into the Level365 Billing Portal by going to using your billing portal credentials.  .  

If you forgot your password, just click “FORGOT PASSWORD?" to reset

Adding Your Payment Method to Your Account

1. Once logged into the portal click on “Profile”.  

2. Click on “Payment Information”.  

3. Click on “ADD NEW PAYMENT METHOD”.    

          - You can choose Credit Card (Debit) or eCheck to enter your payment method.

4. Enter your payment Information and click "Save Changes"

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